Easy and safe way to remove the tick

  • Minimize the risk of tick-borne disease
  • Indicated to freeze and remove ticks attached to the skin of humans and animals
  • APRF™ (Anti-Parasite Removal Film) patent protected technology prevents tick’s body from tearing during the procedure
  • Tick Remover specially designed to the tick’s shape and size
  • Does not cause any burning sensation, and it is safe for kids from 3 years of age
  • An economical packaging, enough to remove up to 40 ticks
  • Enables the application from any angle

The benefits of the product:

  • Freezes and inhibits the transmission of tick’s contagious saliva
  • Prevents from tearing of the ticks body during the removing process
  • Reduces the risk of transferring infectious agents during tick removal procedure
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Mode of action:

Tick freezing

APRF™ (Anti-Parasite Removal Film) technology creates long-lasting film, which prevents from tearing the tick during the removal procedure and lowers the risk of contact with tick’s infectious body fluids.

The product causes freezing of the tick and inhibits its saliva transmission.

Tick removing

The kit includes Tick Remover which helps to remove the tick fast and in a safe way. Additionally, it reduces the risk of transferring the infectious agents during the tick removal procedure.

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It is safe for humans and animals

No pesticides.

The product has been tested in toxicological and dermatological tests.

It is certified by the Polish Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene No. PZH / HT-3314/2017 valid until 20/06/2022.

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