The ticks are blind, therefore the clothing that we wear in the woods, do not matter for them. However, wearing lighter colors will help us to see the ticks better on our outfit. When going to the woods, we should wear long sleeve blouse, long pants and ankle boots. Long sleeves and pants should be ended with the elastic cuffs.

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Long sleeve blouse
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Long pants
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Ankle boots
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Elastic cuffs

While being in the woods or in the city park, you should monitor your clothes, and then check them and your body parts upon return. It is recommended to take a shower, and wash all the clothing.

The ticks can be brought on clothes or in shoes. If it goes under the clothing, it might take a few hours till the tick finds best spot to bite. The tick picks the area where the skin is soft, for instance inner part of the limbs, joint folds and the neck area by the hair line.

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In addition to the proper outfit and extreme care, it is worth having a tick repellent like Kick The Tick® Max Repellent Plus.

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Spray your body

The three-component formula provides protection not only against ticks, but also mosquitoes and naps.

A tick repellent
KICK THE TICK® Max Repellent Plus

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