Methods of tick removal: what works the best?

Fortunately, more and more people understand the serious consequences of a tick bite. Thanks  to the media that report a high risk of getting dangerous Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis, people are more aware about this serious problem. In order to stay safe the most important thing is to truly follow the basic rules of prophylaxis, including the usage of an appropriate ticks repellents. However, there is still a risk that the parasite will find a way to cling to the host’s body. Then what? Which method of tick removal will be the best? You will learn this in our guide.


When should a tick be removed?

It should be done immediately after recognizing its presence in the body. The best rule that should be implemented in each family is to carry out a meticulous check of the skin right after returning from a walk – especially from the areas that are natural habitats for ticks, such as water reservoirs, forests and meadows.

When you notice the attached tick, do not panic and rather proceed to remove it. It is not worth delaying this, as studies have shown that the greatest transmission of pathogens in arachnid secretions occurs 24 hours after implantation.

Still many people who notice a tick in their body naturally go to the hospital emergency room. However, there is no such need. Why waste time in line and get nervous, when pulling out the tick yourself is not a big philosophy?


What is worth knowing?

Further delay in removing the tick not only increases the risk of transmission of Lyme bacteria for instance, but also makes the whole procedure of parasite removal more difficult. The tick gradually penetrate the skin deeper and deeper into the host’s body. At some point, it may be attached so thoroughly that it can be harder to pull it out completely. Then a doctor’s intervention is needed.


Never ever pull a tick out this way!

There are many so-called home remedies for removing the tick. Sometimes, they are even passed down from generation to generation. Today, we know that they are not worth trying as they often have the opposite effect, forcing the tick to hold tight, burrow deeper, and possibly deposit more of its disease-carrying secretions into the wound, which increases the risk of infection.

Let’s take a closer look at a method that requires touching the tick with a lit match. It might seem that higher temperature will cause the parasite to start withdrawing from the skin. Nothing could be more wrong. The tick can make it burrow even deeper, secreting more and more saliva with pathogens.  Besides that, this method causes pain and the would might heal longer leaving a bad looking scar.


Here are some other home remedies for ticks that you should never try.

  • cover the tick with Vaseline or nail polish
  • pour mouthwash on the tick
  • drop a gasoline or other solvent on the tick


Finally, a few words about a cosmetic tweezer. It seems it is just perfect for quick tick removal. In fact, the sharp tips of the tweezers can injure our body, make it difficult to catch the parasite close enough to the skin and using the tweezers increase the risk of tearing the body of the tick. When it happens, there is nothing else to do but go to the hospital, where the remains of the arachnid can be removed by a doctor (not even a tiny fragment of a tick can remain in the body).


Recommended method of removing a tick

In order to remove the tick safely and painlessly, it is best to use the Kick The Tick Expert Kit. It includes a special tool for removing ticks with two ending tips (adjusted to the size of an adult size and nymphs or larvae), as well as a freezing agent with Anti-Parasite Removal Film technology. The purpose of this KIT is to stop the physiological functions of the tick and minimizing the risk of tearing its body during extraction.


Did you know that the Kick The Tick Expert Kit is certified by the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene? It is safe for children from 3 years of age and it does not contain any pesticides.

The method of removing the tick with the Kick The Tick Expert Kit is very simple. First, use a freezing agent (1 application for a nymph or 2 applications for an adult). After a few moments, reach for the Kick The Tick removing tool and get the parasite out by choosing the appropriate size of the tip and placing in underneath the ticks body. Then, pull the device firmly upwards – without unscrewing it. Afterwards, disinfect the affected area with hydrogen peroxide or other antiseptic.

Kick The Tick Expert is also recommended for quick and painless removal of the tick from a child’s body. The set is enough to remove about 40 ticks, so it can be used for a long time as it expiration is 3 years from date of production.

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